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Okay I feel a little bit cheated

I signed up for the beta of when I first learned about it.  Admittedly people probably knew and signed up far earlier than I, but I did sign up.  So I felt a bit neat being sent an invite.  Now I realize, anyone who downloaded flock can get access to it.

So the sheen on my invite seems a bit scuffed up now.  That is all.

The main point of this post is: if by a weird coincedence you have found this post and you a) do not already have a account, b) want a account, and c) didn’t already know then: download flock and set yourself up.



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drive-by linking: backups and stuff

Checking the “latest posts” around I found this one regarding backups. ++ There are alot of backup and restore related links.  Go look.


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Miers withdrawls nomination

^^ She withdrew.  Not a bad idea, support wasn’t really all there.  It was probably better to withdraw then risk putting her up and have the senate vote her down.  Saves a little face this way and allows the republicans to remain supportive.

 So this still leaves one “open” spot on the bench. 

I suggest looking outside the box on this one.  Someone no one would see coming, someone that no democrat could say is simple cronyism, someone who has deep respect for the constitution.  Mr. President, I have your answer, I humbly ask that you nominate me for the position on the Supreme Court of the United States.

I’ll understand if you think this simply to powerful a message to send right now.  However my offer will remain.  I am here but to serve this wonderful nation.


(Oh yeah. Credit where credit is due; Link above via

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RFID in Passports

So, even though many many people have complained about it RFID will be added to U.S. passports in october of 2006.  Link via BoingBoing

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random letter of today


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Xbox 360, I think I’ll get one.

It is still up for debate, I like what little I have seen of the 360.  The problem is, of course, money.  It is not a need it is just a fun toy.  A toy which takes alot of time to get all the use out of it.

So should I get one?  It isn’t like I couldn’t use the nearly $500 ($399 for the actual system rather than the core, $50 for a game, and then tax $27 locally) on something else.  $500 would be a nice chunk towards a tablet pc or pay for gas and electricity for a month or so.

Hrm,  I really would like to laud the greatness of a deserving product (and unless I am let down supremely the 360 looks very promising) but maybe I will have to wait.  Ofcourse by the time I get one (considering I have wanted a tablet pc since I heard about them years ago and still haven’t gotten one it could be awhile) will anyone care about it?


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