Xbox 360, I think I’ll get one.

It is still up for debate, I like what little I have seen of the 360.  The problem is, of course, money.  It is not a need it is just a fun toy.  A toy which takes alot of time to get all the use out of it.

So should I get one?  It isn’t like I couldn’t use the nearly $500 ($399 for the actual system rather than the core, $50 for a game, and then tax $27 locally) on something else.  $500 would be a nice chunk towards a tablet pc or pay for gas and electricity for a month or so.

Hrm,  I really would like to laud the greatness of a deserving product (and unless I am let down supremely the 360 looks very promising) but maybe I will have to wait.  Ofcourse by the time I get one (considering I have wanted a tablet pc since I heard about them years ago and still haven’t gotten one it could be awhile) will anyone care about it?



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Random Letter of the Day

Today’s randomly pressed letter of my keyboard is: h

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My incredible first impressions of

  •’s interface is nifty. Cleaner than wordpress itself.
  • Theme’s are a bit limited at the time (but I like Becca’s work)
  • Would like to use it to publish elsewhere (like instead)
  • Pretty nice so far


Update: oh yeah, I just deleted the “Hello World” post, I am always impressed with shiney interface features. Also being able to use ctrl-i, ctrl-b, etc for formatting during a post is nice.

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